Reverse delegation refusal nonsense.

Derek J. Balling dredd at
Mon Mar 5 00:28:17 UTC 2001

If they won't :

(a) delegate (/24 or greater)
(b) CIDR delegate (/25 or less)

then you have precisely two options:

(1) Not have rDNS
(2) Move to a new provider who does.

Although you might be able to do

(3) set up a VPN-like tunnel to someone else willing to be the endpoint and
give up an IP address, and then route all your traffic through the tunnel.

But that would suck ass.


At 9:36 PM +0000 3/4/01, Simon Allen wrote:
>My ISP are refusing to provide a reverse DNS for my IP because they claim
>it's a security risk (absurd I know, but they won't do it they say and
>that's final!).
>What can I do?  This is just so ridiculous I can't think of any sensible
>thing to do, apart from cancel my account but that might be tricky and/or
>costly (it is ADSL contracted for 1 year minimum).
>My ISP are an outfit called Madasafish (yea the name says it all doesn't
>it) in the UK. Their parent company are IOMART (who allocate the IPs). and
>my IP is a single IP in the range 212.38.190.x
>Regards, Simon.

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