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Mark.Andrews at nominum.com Mark.Andrews at nominum.com
Mon Mar 5 13:09:37 UTC 2001

	It would be achievable for a stealth master.  If I was
	doing it I would have the stealth master send signed notifies
	periodically, similar to the dialup master, and have the
	slave accept the notify if the signature was correct and
	save the source address for the refresh query.  Only notifies
	would trigger the refresh check similar to dialup.

	I would not have a dynamic host listed as a nameserver.
	I'm assuming, in saying this, the dynamic host is dropping
	off the net and the address is potentially being re-assigned,
	not that ISP is play stupid DHCP games by re-assigning a
	new address every time the lease expires.  Even this it
	could be problematic as the DNS was designed with stable
	nameserver in mind.

	If you are going to do this grab a 9.2 snapshot and work from


> Hello
> Brad Knowles writes:
> > 	It's one thing to understand the desires of the users and the 
> > people who are ignorant of the technical details, it's quite another 
> > to actually change the protocol itself (and the programs that serve 
> > it) to accommodate those desires, without causing irreparable harm.
> Maybe it's just my ignorance of the technical details, but I fail to
> see how 
>  a) Allowing masters to be specified by name and
>  b) having the slave do, if necessary, lookups for the master's
>     address before zone transfers, 
> could possibly require a change in the protocol or standard.
> As for the BIND software, I would (naively) expect changes to be
> confined to minor extensions to parsing the named.conf file, the
> dns_c_slave_zone data structure and adding the lookup.
> Rest assured that I'm quite aware of the implications of changing
> the protocol of such a fundamental service as DNS and I'm not
> proposing that.
> In fact, my last mail wasn't even a proposal but the question to
> you experts, whether such a proposal would make sense.
> Best regards,
> --Andreas
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