Doug Barton DougB at
Mon Mar 5 18:21:23 UTC 2001

Tal Dayan wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> DNS is a technology whose purpose is to serve users. Same
> goes to virtually any technology.

	Yes, but serve users in a technical sense, not a market sense. In other
words, the system needs to work as designed, and not break things

> The role of the users is to convey their needs. The challenge of the
> technology experts is to make sure the technology meets them the best.

	Once again, you're confusing the world of commercial software with the
world of internet technology. We do not have a duty to serve anyone (with
the exception of those of us who actually work in the commercial world). We
definitely have no duty to add a feature just because you want it.
> So, before we dismiss the issue by
> 'if-it-is-not-there-than-don't-ask-for-it',

	No one has said that to you. In fact, you've been told many times the path
you should pursue if you really want this feature. What we have told you is
that it's not there for good reason, and the fact that you don't understand
the reasons doesn't make them invalid. 

> let's first recognize that removing the
> 'CNAME-everywhere-except-for-domain-name'
> limitation will benifit users. 

	It is by no means clear that this is true. We realize that you believe it
to be true, but it's not a given.

> Then we can move forward and look for ways to
> address it.

	Once again, you've been told how you should proceed. Continuing this
thread in this forum is just a waste of everyone's time. Please stop.

Good luck,

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