Stopping a query to a domain

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at
Mon Mar 5 19:45:49 UTC 2001

At 1:51 PM +0000 3/5/01, Diego Balgera wrote:

>  I have a simple question (I know that it is odd, but there is a reason).
>  I have a dns (bind 8.2.2) integrated in a dns tree.
>  When the name server receives a query towards a specified subdomain, it has
>  to stop it, simulating the condition do not have that subtree integrated in
>  the dns hierarchy. The result is that the server has not to translate the
>  name into the ip address (in case of A queries), but it must give a negative
>  answer.
>  Is it possible? Do you have any suggestion?

	Yeah, don't list that domain in the DNS.

	Or, don't list it on the advertised nameservers for that domain, 
instead make that information available only on your caching 
nameservers that are accessible from hosts inside your network.

Brad Knowles, <brad.knowles at>

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