rndc and Updated Zones in bind-9.1.0

Mark.Andrews at nominum.com Mark.Andrews at nominum.com
Tue Mar 6 01:05:07 UTC 2001

	Do you have an explict "allow-update { none; };" or 
	a just a "allow-update" specified for the zone?

	If you have a "allow-update { none; };" upgrade to
	BIND 9.1.1rc3 as just the presence of the acl is
	enough to stop the zone being read in BIND 9.1.0.

	If you have more that a the trivial "allow-update { none; };"
	you should be using nsupdate to manage the zones contents
	and not editing the master file.


> 	I am still testing bind-9.1.0 and have made a new
> discovery that has me puzzled even after reading the manual.
> 	I start named and it seems happy.  It answers queries and
> has run for several days, now and is happily giving out whatever
> the current zone was when it was first started.  I can update a
> new zone, Serial number and all, give the rndc reload command and
> even rndc reload zonename.  named responds in the log with
> Mar 05 11:03:11.283 loading configuration from '/etc/named.conf'
> Mar 05 11:03:11.329 no IPv6 interfaces found
> 	It is running, but it will not send out the new zone.  It
> is still sending out whatever zone it had when the daemon was first
> started.
> 	What else do I need to do to make it aware of the new
> master zone besides completely killing the daemon and then
> restarting it.  that does seem to get its attention, but it is a
> bit extreme.
> Martin McCormick
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