Canonical Domain Names Question

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Mar 6 01:36:55 UTC 2001

How much "easier" do you need it to be? If the data in both zones is
*identical*, relative to the domain origin, then perhaps you could make
things slightly easier by using the same zonefile for both zones -- just
make sure to use unqualified/relative labels for names *under* the
domain, and "@" for the domain itself.

As for the forward/reverse issue, it shouldn't be a problem to have
multiple names pointing to 1 IP address and only 1 PTR pointing back to
one of those names. Just about everything that cares about reverse
lookups starts with the address, reverse-maps it back to a name, and then
checks that that name forward-maps to the address it started with. So
multiple-A's-to-1-IP-and-1-PTR-to-1-A work fine. and are both aliases to, which
has a matching reverse record, so why are you worried about
forward/reverse mismatches anyway?

- Kevin
m.hoeneveld at wrote:

> I have the following problem;
> We have a registered domain
> Our new DNS servers (Running Bind on Solaris) which I configure at the
> moment contain all records for the hosts www, MX records etc.
> I also have my PTR records of course for reverse lookup.
> Now we also have a registered domain which actually is a
> canonical name for
> So it means if you type you are connected to
> and when you send mail to * your mail is send
> to the mailserver at
> So my question is how to configure this. Ofcourse I can make a new
> zonefile and configure all host and MX records to point to the same
> addresses as at but I think there is a more easy way.
> The second I asked myself is how about the reverse lookup. Because the
> in-arpa adresses all point to in the reverse lookup file.
> Any help is apreciated.
> Thanks for your time
> Maurice Hoeneveld
> System Engineering
> HES Rotterdam, The Netherlands
> m.hoeneveld at

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