Logging and Slave Config

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Tue Mar 6 01:58:48 UTC 2001

The "channel" clauses need to be defined *within* the "logging" statement.
You have them at the same level.

Also, I think your slave zone definitions are being rejected because the
parser wants whitespace between the word "masters" and the curly brace.
Ditto for whitespace between the double-quote of most of your zone names
and the following curly brace.

Those are the initial errors I noticed glancing through the config. There
may be more. When logging works, it'll help you to find them.

No, there's currently no facility provided for a slave server to ascertain
*all* zones that some other server is master for. People have developed
various ways of automating or at least semi-automating slave-server
configuration maintenance. In our limited internal namespace, for instance,
my slaves run a script daily which walks through the internal-root
namespace looking for all zones for which their master is authoritative,
and updating their named.conf files appropriately (I "prune" the tree-walk
so as to not have them expend too much effort walking through parts of the
tree over which my organization clearly has no control). Obviously, this
approach is not appropriate for Internet servers. An alternative proposal
that I have floated, but never actually implemented myself, is to scan the
logs for NOTIFY messages for zones which are not being served. After
confirming that the zones *should* be served, add the slave definitions to
named.conf. Deletion would then be handled by periodically checking all
slave zones to see if the master is still answering authoritatively for
them. Alternatively, a lazier approach would be to just delete slave zone
definitions when the zones expire.

- Kevin

Neil Ridlinghafer wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've been working to get a slave server working properly using
> BIND-8.2.3 and seem to be having some issues. I've searched through the
> list archive and have not been able to find the solution so I am sending
> an email in hope of some help.
> I've setup my config as follows:
> ----------Contents of named.conf-----------------
> options {
>         directory "/var/named";
>         allow-transfer { };
>         transfer-source;
>         transfer-format many-answers;
> };
> logging {
>         category default { default_syslog; default_debug; };
> };
>         channel default_debug {
>         file "/var/log/dns_debug"versions 3 size 20m;
>         severity debug 9;
>         print-time yes;
>         print-category yes;
> };
> channel default_syslog {
>         syslog daemon;  # send to syslog's daemon facility
>         severity info;  # only send priority info and higher
> };
> zone "." {
>         type hint;
>         file "root.cache";
> };
> zone "0.0.127.IN-ADDR.ARPA"{
>         type master;
>         file "127.0.0";
>         notify yes;
> };
> zone "dsldesigns.com"{
>         type slave;
>         file "slave.dsldesigns.com";
>         masters{; };
>         notify-source port 53;
> };
> zone "dsldesigns.net"{
>         type slave;
>         file "slave.dsldesigns.net";
>         masters{; };
>         notify-source port 53;
> };
> ----------------------end named.conf----------------
> What I am trying to accomplish is for this server to be a secondary to
> our primary server for redundancy purposes. So I need this server to
> pull all the records from the main server.
> Question: If this were setup properly would it automatically update the
> secondary server whenever we entered a new domain into our primary
> server? We do alot of website hosting so this is something we need to
> happen.
> Question: I've read where we need to put the xone statement into the
> slave config such as zone "dsldesigns.com" but we really need it to copy
> all the domains not just one or two, how do we tell it to do that?
> Anyway, this server does not seem to work by itself, if I take down the
> primary server, then the secondary gives error messages when doing
> lookups.
> Also, the logging i've configured seems to be wrong since nothing is
> getting logged anywhere.
> Any help on these matters would be greatly! appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> --Neil
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