PTR record handling in a subnetted network

Mathias Körber mathias at
Tue Mar 6 06:10:32 UTC 2001

> All the discussions seem to focus on this delegation some sub-zone of
> , rather than simply using CNAMEs into the
> already-existing forward zone.
> What I was saying is that the latter seems to me to be a better and
> simpler solution and no one has said differently or given any drawbacks
> to this solution.  If the advantages are there and there aren't any
> drawbacks, then why isn't this solution promulgated more on this list?

Most of the advantages are those of easier understanding. No need to fiddle with
a forward zone when reverse zones are modified (renumebering)
No need to remember to redelegate/change the CNAMES if the customer's fwd zone changes. 
No confusing new admins of the fwd zones with PTR records in there etc.
It just keeps a clearer picture.

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