private dns and forwarding

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Mar 6 20:53:56 UTC 2001

Jon Marshall wrote:

> Hi
> i've set up a primary name server for my internal lan using private
> addresses, which works fine. I connect intermittently to my ISP with ppp. I
> would like to use the name server to still resolve my internal machines and
> also forward to the ISP's name servers to resolve internet addresses.
> I know i can add the ISP's name servers as forwarders but my concern is how
> do i make absolutely sure none of my internal DNS gets onto  the internet.

You can set an allow-query to disallow queries from external networks.

> The internal domain name i'm using is already in use on the internet so i
> don't want to start forwarding until i'm sure i won't be messing someone
> else up. ( Should i be using a domain name already in use ).

No, you shouldn't. Doing so blinds your nameserver to the real domain.

- Kevin

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