8.2.3: does IXFR work or not?

David Carmean dlc-bu at halibut.com
Wed Mar 7 02:25:02 UTC 2001

I recently updated a set of one master and three slave servers to 
BIND 8.2.3-REL.   After seeing some comments on the list and in 
the tarball suggesting that IXFR might finally be working, I'm attempting 
to implement it in my configs.

However, all that's happened so far is that I get the following 
messages in my log:

	No IXFR log from 2001030616 for "inside.domain.com"

I've got the following in named.conf on the master and slaves:

	server <ip.of.master> {
		support-ixfr yes;

	server <ip.of.slave> {
		support-ixfr yes;

What am I missing?


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