Slave won't update with BIND 8.2.3 on NT

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Mar 7 04:06:18 UTC 2001

At 09:19 PM 3/6/01, Tim Madden wrote:

>I've just set up my first slave server, but named-xfer won't complete
>when called by named.  I can manually run named-xfer and it will pull in
>the zone.  I didn't use the default directory structure, so I wonder if
>that's part of the problem?  When named calls named-xfer, I can watch it
>start and stop in Task Manager.

Not related.  It really doesn't care as long as it can read and write to the directory.

>After each failure, named-xfer strands the following files in my C:\BIND
>where 000044 changes, I assume, with the PID for each failed named-xfer.
>The first two files are empty, but the xfer.ddt.xxxx file contains:
>domain `'; file `';
>serial 0
>domain `'; ixfrfile
>`'; serial 0
>tsigfile `'

         These are standard temporary files that I created by the transfer. They are left
behind because of the transfer failure.

>I've successfully used the command line:
>c:\bind> bin\named-xfer -z -f
> -s 0
>I've also successfully transferred the zone with -s 2001030602 (the
>master's ser# is 2001030604)

         These transfers don't check the zone contents. What does the application
event log tell you.  You should see record errors logged there.

         Since your master for the domain is in a private subnet I can't check, but
I bet you have a CNAME at the root of the zone.  If so, you need to get rid of it
as it's illegal and will prevent the slave from loading the zone.


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