cname quick question

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Mar 7 04:32:19 UTC 2001

At 11:03 PM 3/6/01, Erik Aronesty wrote:

>Dear Clueless,
>You don't need anyone's "permission" to put a "com" domain in your
>authoritative-only named.conf and to put a CNAME in it.  It will work just
>fine as a CNAME on a "" domain name.
>         - Erik
         I don't know who you are calling clueless, but what you said is irrelevant.
Yes, you can put a CNAME into your own zone files. The problem is that it WON'T
work just fine on your domain name when other DNS servers request information for
the domain.  This has been explained to you over and over again and you still don't
get it.


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