Reverse delegation refusal nonsense.

John Coutts administrator at
Wed Mar 7 17:06:32 UTC 2001

I suspect that you are leaving out some information. As an ISP, I don't see why 
an ISP would not provide reverse lookup. Whether they are willing to provide 
the reverse lookup you desire is a different question. From our own 
perspective, we provide forward and reverse lookup for every IP address in our 
"C" class network, according to a naming convention that we have devised. We 
will provide a different name as long as the customer is willing to pay the 
freight. What we get however, is people trying to run servers off a high speed 
DSL account while only paying residential rates. You want the service, you pay 
the rates; it's as simple as that.

J.A. Coutts
Systems Engineer
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In article <97ujan$jmn at>, simonallen at says...
>My ISP are refusing to provide a reverse DNS for my IP because they claim 
>it's a security risk (absurd I know, but they won't do it they say and 
>that's final!).
>What can I do?  This is just so ridiculous I can't think of any sensible 
>thing to do, apart from cancel my account but that might be tricky and/or 
>costly (it is ADSL contracted for 1 year minimum).
>My ISP are an outfit called Madasafish (yea the name says it all doesn't 
>it) in the UK. Their parent company are IOMART (who allocate the IPs). and 
>my IP is a single IP in the range 212.38.190.x
>Regards, Simon.

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