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Shawn May shawn.may at
Wed Mar 7 18:25:27 UTC 2001

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Hey guys,
Another worm virus is on the loose.  The contents of this message may be

An internet worm, W32/Naked at MM (aka Naked Wife), is currently propagating
through email systems. This virus has been recently classified as a HIGH
Risk threat.  The virus deletes all .BMP, .COM, .DLL, .EXE, .INI, and .LOG
files in the WINDOWS and WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories.
Delete any message that has the following characteristics:

Subject:	Fw:  Naked Wife
My wife never look like that! ;-)
Best Regards,
(sender's name)

Attachment:  <NakedWife.exe>

The virus arrives as the email attachment .  If you receive such an email,
delete it.  This virus is extremely destructive and will attempt to
propagate itself to all recipients in the Windows Address Book.  An infected
machine will be missing .BMP, .COM, .DLL, .EXE, .INI, and .LOG files in the
WINDOWS and WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories.  This will cause the inability to
launch applications.
As common practice, you should verify all file attachments with the sender
before opening and scan your entire computer on a regular basis.
 <<McAfee - AVERT.htm>> 
Here's some additional info on this virus.
take care,

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