Bind 8.2.3 on NT: nsupdate problems

Tim Madden tmadden at
Wed Mar 7 21:21:18 UTC 2001

Is the resolv.conf file required for normal operation of named on 
NT4?  I commented out all lines in mine, thinking the file was 

I'm still having problems getting my slave server to perform 
automatic updates, and maybe this is part of the reason?

On 7 Mar 2001, at 12:27, Danny Mayer wrote:

>          Create a resolv.conf file.  On Win2K it needs to be created as the
> library can't find the registry entries for the nameservers.  The location of
> these registry entries changed between NT4.0 and Win2K. In
> system32\drivers\etc create a file named resolv.conf and enter the following
> set of data:

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