cname quick question

Cricket Liu cricket at
Thu Mar 8 02:10:40 UTC 2001

>          Well, yes.  How does this change the load on the TLD servers? As
> rate of addition of domains increases, the servers are always under load.
> So does this increase or decrease the load? Are there more records being
> added per domain or fewer?

I'm not sure how much this would increase the load.  To look up for the first time, you have to traverse the
com name server.  If the com name server simply answered with's IP address, that would obviously save you
the next query and wouldn't increase the load on the com name

If you looked up again, after the A RR's
expiration, you'd have to go back to the com name servers.  But
you might have had to do that anyway if the NS RRset's TTL
was on the order of the A RR's TTL and had also expired.


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