connection refused

James A Griffin agriffin at
Thu Mar 8 12:34:23 UTC 2001

Jim Reid wrote:
> >>>>> "Eric" == CHAMPAGNE Eric TPC-SRD <eric.champagne at> writes:
>     Eric> After successfully installing bind 9.1.1rc3 on a Solaris 6
>     Eric> box, i'm having trouble reloadind it with rndc.  When i make
>     Eric> a ndc reload i get : rndc: connect: connection refused
>     Eric> # rndc reload rndc: connect: connection refused
>     Eric> With a netstat -an i can't see any TCP listner on port 953.
> Add a controls{} statement to named.conf telling the name server to
> create that listener socket. The server doesn't do that by default.
> BTW, both name servers for are unreachable.

That's odd!  About 3 minutes (assuming our clocks are reasonably
accurate) after you posted, I ran 'doc'.

Doc-2.1.4: Starting test of   parent is com.
Doc-2.1.4: Test date - Thu Mar  8 07:06:06 EST 2001
[SNIP details]
   No errors or warnings issued for
Done testing  Thu Mar  8 07:06:28 EST 2001         

Time for a traceroute, Jim?


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