What kind of hardware?

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Thu Mar 8 16:19:05 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Eivind" == Eivind Olsen <e-olsen at online.no> writes:

    Eivind> Hello.  Anyone have any good suggestions as to what is
    Eivind> most important when setting up a caching-only DNS using
    Eivind> BIND 8 or 9? It will be used by a few mailservers
    Eivind> etc. Should I focus on much memory? 

Yes, though you'll find that the size of the name server's cache will
stabilise after 1-2 weeks of running.

    Eivind> I suppose I won't need extreme amounts of diskspace? 

Not unless you plan to log every query and your servers get millions
of queries a day.

    Eivind> A fast processor will always help, right?

It should make no difference unless you're doing lots of crypto stuff
for DNSSEC. Most name servers are 90%+ idle.

    Eivind> Also - are there any things I should keep in mind when
    Eivind> setting up a chroot'ed BIND running as non-root user under
    Eivind> Solaris 2.6 or newer? Any tweaks etc. that I should do
    Eivind> right away?

A more recent version of Solaris might be a good idea.

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