cname quick question

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 8 18:48:19 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Knowles <brad.knowles at> writes:

    Brad> 	Now, if there were some other zones you had with DNAME
    Brad> information in them, and which were available through the
    Brad> delegation chain starting at the TLD nameservers, I could
    Brad> compare what dig shows me when I contact your servers
    Brad> directly against what I see through my own local caching
    Brad> nameservers for those same objects.  I could also see if
    Brad> "doc" blows up when trying to do queries of this sort.

Try However 2 of the name servers for this zone don't
seem to like DNAME records. They still answer with the old version of
the zone, so I presume either named-xfer or named is barfing on the
DNAME. Oh well.

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