FQDNs in masters-list (was: Help: Secondary for...)

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Mar 8 21:33:46 UTC 2001

At 3:01 PM -0500 3/8/01, Kevin Darcy wrote:

>  It solves the problem of slave auto-configuration if everything (other
>  than the address of the master server in the "roving master" scenario
>  we've been discussing) can be "templated", i.e. those values are constant
>  for all slave zones, or can be derived using some local conventions.
>  This is appropriate for many situations where the slaves are *pure*
>  slaves, i.e. no master zones except perhaps for loopback, with no
>  server- or location-specific configuration.

	Can you give me an example of this sort of thing?  All the 
examples I can think of are situations where some bozo has an ADSL 
account with an IP address dynamically assigned to him, he wants to 
run his own domain out of his own home, but obviously the IP address 
for his domain, his web server(s), and his nameserver(s) is 
constantly changing.

Brad Knowles, <brad.knowles at skynet.be>

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# 531-byte qrpff-fast, Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz <sipb-iap-dvd at mit.edu>
# MPEG 2 PS VOB file on stdin -> descrambled output on stdout
# arguments: title key bytes in least to most-significant order
# Usage:
# qrpff 153 2 8 105 225 /mnt/dvd/VOB_FILE_NAME | extract_mpeg2 | mpeg2_dec -
$m=(11,10,116,100,11,122,20,100)[$_/16%8])&110;$t^=(72, at z=(64,72,$a^=12*($_%16
-2?0:$m&17)),$b^=$_%64?12:0, at z)[$_%8]}(16..271);if((@a=unx"C*",$_)[20]&48){$h
=5;$_=unxb24,join"", at b=map{xB8,unxb8,chr($_^$a[--$h+84])}@ARGV;s/...$/1$&/;$
(($h>>=8)+=$f+(~$g&$t))for at a[128..$#a]}print+x"C*", at a}';s/x/pack+/g;eval

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