cname quick question

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 8 21:47:26 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Knowles <brad.knowles at> writes:

    Brad> 	Strangely, it also seems that and
    Brad> are lame delegations -- they appear in the
    Brad> list from the parent servers, but not in the list from the
    Brad> authoritative servers:

Nope, they are not lame delegations. gns[12] are answering
authoritatively for They always have done. The NS record
targets in the actual zone just have different names for
the same hosts. The IP addresses for gns[12] and
ns[12] are identical. NSI wouldn't let me have NS records
called ns[12] in the com zone if the glue records for them
had the same IP addresses as the A records for gns[12]
that were already in the com zone. Sigh.

    Brad> I also find it interesting that the Nominum GNS servers don't 
    Brad> appear to be capable of understanding DNAME records, either:

    Brad> dig any
    Brad> ; <<>> DiG 8.1 <<>> any
    Brad> .....
    Brad>            1D IN 39        \#(    ; unknown RR type
         07 72 66 63 31 30 33 35 03 63 6f 6d 00 )        ;

Well that would be interesting if it were true. However it's the
version of dig you're running that doesn't understand the DNAME, not
the GNS name servers:

	% dig any

	; <<>> DiG 9.1.1rc3 <<>> any
	....            86400   IN      DNAME

Note the dig version number in the output!

    Brad> 	Hmm, you also don't seem to have updated this machine
    Brad> to BIND 9.1.1:

    Brad> $ dig version.bind. txt chaos
    Brad> ....
    Brad> ;; ANSWER SECTION: version.bind.  0S CHAOS TXT "9.1.0"

The server could be lying... It sometimes says it runs 4.8.3. :-)

    Brad> And the GNS servers don't seem to respond to this query at all:

    Brad> $ dig version.bind. txt chaos
    Brad> ....
    Brad> ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: REFUSED, id: 10

They do respond. With a REFUSED error code. There's nothing wrong with
that. It means the server has been configured not to answer that query.
FWIW the Microsoft name server returns a NOTIMP - not implemented -
error code to those version queries.

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