named-xfer - premature EOF

Lawson_Kris klawson at
Thu Mar 8 22:55:15 UTC 2001

Yep.  It was memory.  I restarted named on the primary and the memory went
from 99% used to 60% used and everything is working fine now.   Thanks for

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         Take a look at the master that it's transferring FROM.  See if it's
out of memory. If so you need to increase it's page/swap file. You may see
nothing in the logs because the code was not logging this error.  This was
fixed in a recent build.  The problem is NOT on the slave.

At 05:29 PM 3/7/01, Lawson_Kris wrote:
>         We started receiving this message on our secondary at 3:02pm last
>Tuesday.  However, up until yesterday the machine was resolving okay.   Now
>it only resolves some things.  I cannot find the root of this error.   If
>anyone knows how to resolve this please let me know.    
>[root at ns tmp]# named-xfer -z -f /usr/tmp/domain -s 0 -d 10 
>-l /usr/tmp/debug -t /usr/tmp/trace
>named-xfer[6373]: send AXFR query 0 to
>named-xfer[6373]: premature EOF, fetching ""
>That's about all I have to go on.   The debug file shows what appears to be
>normal info but ends with this:
>close(6) succeeded
>error receiving zone transfer
>Kris Lawson
>Terre Haute, In

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