bind still using forwarder

Sir postroad at
Sat Mar 10 13:03:44 UTC 2001

I have just completed setup of bind 9.  I am having one problem that I
can't root out.  The config is as follows;

FreeBSD4.1Stable on an Intel PI
Bind 9.1
Connected via Broadband through a Linksys router ( using NAT

The WAN side of the router uses DHCP. There is a "keep alive" so my IP
has been static for 3 months.
I use "route add default" to get the network pointed in the
right direction.

My local subnet is 192.168.1/24. After a few tweeks of the db files(the
O'Reiley BIND book is v8) the named daemon gets up and running with some
minor complaints about my IPv6 zone entry. Before trying to set up as a
primary name server I had a forwarder defined in my named.conf file.
That pointed to my upstream ISP name server. I have since commented that
line out. I have "kill -11"d the named daemon and restarted a number of
times. Yet, when I do an nslookup, it still uses the forwarding name
server and does not check my local name server data at all. I suspect I
might get it straight with a reboot but I'm wondering where or why this
information is saved. My current situation is a test environ at home,
but when I go to the production implementation at work, reboots will be
more painful. Any direction will be humbley appreciated.

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