bind still using forwarder

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Sun Mar 11 20:14:10 UTC 2001

	What is in your /etc/resolv.conf ?


On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Sir wrote:

> I have just completed setup of bind 9.  I am having one problem that I
> can't root out.  The config is as follows;
> FreeBSD4.1Stable on an Intel PI
> Bind 9.1
> Connected via Broadband through a Linksys router ( using NAT
> The WAN side of the router uses DHCP. There is a "keep alive" so my IP
> has been static for 3 months.
> I use "route add default" to get the network pointed in the
> right direction.
> My local subnet is 192.168.1/24. After a few tweeks of the db files(the
> O'Reiley BIND book is v8) the named daemon gets up and running with some
> minor complaints about my IPv6 zone entry. Before trying to set up as a
> primary name server I had a forwarder defined in my named.conf file.
> That pointed to my upstream ISP name server. I have since commented that
> line out. I have "kill -11"d the named daemon and restarted a number of
> times. Yet, when I do an nslookup, it still uses the forwarding name
> server and does not check my local name server data at all. I suspect I
> might get it straight with a reboot but I'm wondering where or why this
> information is saved. My current situation is a test environ at home,
> but when I go to the production implementation at work, reboots will be
> more painful. Any direction will be humbley appreciated.

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