Specifying Ineternet IPs in BIND

Roy Arends Roy.Arends at nominum.com
Sun Mar 11 09:14:36 UTC 2001

On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, d1ngo wrote:

> I have Bind 8.2.2 running on Linux 2.2.18.  There are several hosts
> connecting to it for DNS.  But I wanted to resolve a real Internet domain
> name to a different IP.  Meaning, is it possible to have www.microsoft.com
> resolve to another IP?  Or www.linux.com to another IP?  I don't want it to
> go out and get the real IPs for these various addresses, but just pull them
> from a predefined list (like /etc/hosts for all DNS queries).  Thanks.
> Syed N. Ahmad

Please upgrade,

Make your nameserver authoritative for any domain name you desire.

Roy Arends

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