out of zone NS records

Doug Barton DougB at gorean.org
Wed Mar 14 02:01:04 UTC 2001

"Lee, Elizabeth" wrote:
> I have been tasked with bringing a group of nameservers into a standard
> alignment respective to their functions.  These servers were all running
> BIND 8.1.1, 8.1.2 or 4.9.3, and had enjoyed little attention over the years.

	Lucky you.

> Though I have many years of UNIX administration experience, I am a BIND/DNS
> novice; be aware that I am RTFM (including the O'Reilly book), poring over
> RFCs and still recovering from the flames I suffered LAST time I asked a
> question in this group.

	Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. There are two problems in this group.
The first is the constant flood of completely clueless people who write
sometimes hundreds of messages a day without taking even the most
rudimentary steps to help themselves. The second is the wide range of burnt
out, arrogant, unqualified, or otherwise unhelpful people who frequently
respond (note, I did not say answer) questions posed to the list. Everyone
needs a hobby I suppose. 

> I have found and corrected most of the errors except for these NS records in
> each zone file:
> osc.uscg.mil.   IN      NS      netman.osc.uscg.mil.
> osc.uscg.mil.   IN      NS      sarpro1.osc.uscg.mil.
> osc.uscg.mil.   IN      NS      sarpro2.osc.uscg.mil.
> ;
> netman.osc.uscg.mil.    IN      A
> sarpro1.osc.uscg.mil.   IN      A
> sarpro2.osc.uscg.mil.   IN      A
> which generate the following errors:
> Mar  2 17:37:22 ddnmail named[14094]: fnoc.navy.mil:92: data "osc.uscg.mil"
> outside zone "fnoc.navy.mil" (ignored)

	You are correct in your assessment that you can't include those A records
in the fnoc.navy.mil zone. However you do have a couple options. First off,
assuming that you can convince the admin of the osc.uscg.mil zone to add
the A records, you're golden. You can have NS records pointing to any host
you want, as long as it's a real host, not a cname. 

	Your next option is to create hosts in your zone for the nameservers, and
point the NS records at them. Something like:

osc.uscg.mil.	IN	NS	ns1.osc.uscg.mil.

ns1.osc.uscg.mil. IN	NS

Finally, you could choose the prefered option of aligning the NS records in
your zone with your delegation. :)

fnoc.navy.mil.          17h53m42s IN NS  DDNMAIL.fnoc.navy.mil.
fnoc.navy.mil.          17h53m42s IN NS  METOC.fnoc.navy.mil.

METOC.fnoc.navy.mil.    18h50m13s IN A
DDNMAIL.fnoc.navy.mil.  18h50m13s IN A  

I did get an answer from, queries to timed out. If
you need to re-delegate this zone to the three nameservers you listed
above, you should choose one of the first two options I mentioned above,
and then make sure that the owner of mil. (or navy.mil., I'm not sure how
they handle the mil. zone) updates their delegation for you.

Hope this helps,

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