Synchronizing problem

Roy Arends Roy.Arends at
Wed Mar 14 16:32:45 UTC 2001

On 14 Mar 2001, Anurag  Sinha wrote:

> Dear all I am new member of this mailing list. I am working for HCL
> Infosystems Ltd.,INDIA. At one of our client ISP location we are
> running both DNS(Primary and Secondary) servers on RedHat Linux6.2
> with Bind8.2.2 But problem is both servers are not synchronized.I mean
> whatever entries are changed in Primary DNS servers are not getting
> updated automatically. Pl send me the solution urgently.

A few things can be wrong.

1) Whenever you update a zone at the Primary, make sure you increase
   the serial number.
2) Slave may not be allowed to transfer a zone from the master. (Make sure
   you've got the slave's IP in the allow-transfer and allow-query acl)
3) Your slave/master may be hacked, since you're running bind8.2.2. Please
   upgrade yesterday.
4) Slave may not be able to reach master, due to network problems
   (firewall and stuff).
5) Slave could be asking the wrong IP (see named.conf zone config of


Check all of the above. Do explicitly number 3. Next time please provide


Roy Arends.

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