Upgrade cleanup on Linux (was: Bind Quesion)

Kenneth Porter shiva at well.com
Thu Mar 15 01:49:14 UTC 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001 16:49:17 -0500, Fred Garlock wrote:

>Ok. I had Bind-9.1.0 on my Linux 6.1 system. I installed Bind-9.1.1rc4 on
>the same Linux 6.1 system. How do I uninstall (get rid of) the old

Depends on how you installed it. If you used an RPM (downloadable from
Red Hat, typically as a RH7 update or a Rawhide release), then you
should use "rpm -e -vv bind-<oldversion>". (-e is for erase.) To
upgrade, you should use "rpm -U -vv bind-<newversion>.i386.rpm". (Note
the capital U.)

If you used a tarball for the old version, then you'll have to
laboriously hunt down the files belonging to it and manually remove
each one.

BTW, Linux is the name of the kernel, not the distribution. I can only
guess that you meant Red Hat 6.1, but you might also be running
Mandrake or some other system, and other distributions use their own
package managers.

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