Can't look up local names

Bob Vance bobvance at
Thu Mar 15 14:11:39 UTC 2001

Looks like a resolver issue.
In "/etc/resolv.conf", you need :


nslookup (and clients, like 'telnet', that are linked with the resolver
libraries) will append the domain names in the "search" list, one after
the other, to an input name with no dots until a lookup is satisfied or
the list is exhausted.  The first domain is considered to be the domain
of the local host.
So  --->
   warren   -->

If "/etc/resolv.conf" is correct and you are using the vendor
'nslookup', then it may be that the vendor resolver libraries and their
'nslookup' support lookup facility switching via "/etc/nsswitch.conf".
E.g., this is the case for HP-UX -- dunno 'bout FreeBSD.

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I am running FreeBSD4.1 stable with bind 9.1.0. I have configured
named.conf and all of the zone files associated with it. My problem was
a basic one but pointed out a knowledge gap. At first, I couldn't look
up names in the local domain i.e.;

nslookup warren

server : localhost
address :

**** localhost can't find warren : Non-existant host/domain

my "hostname" was set to "warren". When I set it to the local lookups work fine. "domainname" still
returns "". I've read all I could, even bought "the" O'Reiley book and I
guess they assume you already know some things that I don't.  Does
anyone in the know have the time to front me some background into what's
going on here. I thought the zone file would suffice to explain to the
name server who it is and it's SOA?

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