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Osman Shoukry oshoukry at
Thu Mar 15 22:17:18 UTC 2001

"_" is not allowed according to the naming spec, however you can change all
the "_" with "-" and it should be ok.  Just run the zones through sed script
it will be just one command line and will solve your problem.

sed command will look something like this:
sed 's/_/-/g' zone.file  >> newzone.file

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That's huge!  I'm just learning the ropes here and did not know that.  I do
know we have 50 host entries with '_' in them.  What is the significance (in
terms of what I can or cannot do with a host with an '_' in the name)?   I
can connect to it and can resolve it.  What does it take away?   Thanks

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On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 09:40:34AM -0500, Lawson_Kris wrote:

> Mar 15 09:13:02 ns named[625]: host name "vax_aeo.thcvnet.hercfilm" (owner
"") IN (secondary) is invalid - proceeding anyway

Remove the _ from the hostname; it's invalid to have a _ in the hostname.

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