Need a DNS monitor, preferably Windows-based

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at
Fri Mar 16 08:58:46 UTC 2001

At 1:37 AM +0000 3/16/01, Ray wrote:

>  Is anyone aware of a program that will periodically automatically query a
>  DNS server (BIND, in this case) and set off some kind of alert (email,
>  pager) if a valid response is not returned?

	I believe that this feature is a standard part of the "mon" 
system/network monitoring package.  According to FreshMeat, the home 
page for this package is at 

>  I'm not talking about a pinger; rather something that will actually perform
>  a lookup and then complain if the server does not respond. We've got several
>  Linux BIND servers scattered around and need a better way of noticing
>  outages than having users call our Help Desk.

	There are a number of monitor scripts included as part of the 
base package, see <>. 
One of these is "DNS".  If the scripts provided do not meet your 
needs, you can always modify them and then contribute the changed 
version back.

Brad Knowles, <brad.knowles at>

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# 531-byte qrpff-fast, Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz <sipb-iap-dvd at>
# MPEG 2 PS VOB file on stdin -> descrambled output on stdout
# arguments: title key bytes in least to most-significant order
# Usage:
# qrpff 153 2 8 105 225 /mnt/dvd/VOB_FILE_NAME | extract_mpeg2 | mpeg2_dec -
$m=(11,10,116,100,11,122,20,100)[$_/16%8])&110;$t^=(72, at z=(64,72,$a^=12*($_%16
-2?0:$m&17)),$b^=$_%64?12:0, at z)[$_%8]}(16..271);if((@a=unx"C*",$_)[20]&48){$h
=5;$_=unxb24,join"", at b=map{xB8,unxb8,chr($_^$a[--$h+84])}@ARGV;s/...$/1$&/;$
(($h>>=8)+=$f+(~$g&$t))for at a[128..$#a]}print+x"C*", at a}';s/x/pack+/g;eval

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