Proper response of reverse lookup private IPs

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Mar 16 23:46:05 UTC 2001

The delegated nameservers for on the Internet are both called
"blackhole": can you guess why?

If you want 10.*.*.* reverse-lookups to work sanely for your clients, set up
a master zone on your nameserver.

- Kevin

Adam Lang wrote:

> My main DNS is hosted by my provider, PSINet.
> I have a BIND server setup for strictly caching (
> Currently private IPs are not listed in the DNS.
> I typed in this command at a computer that is using for its DNS
> lookups.
>  dig PTR
> I get the response (after some time goes by) of
> ; <<>> DiG 8.2 <<>> PTR
> ;; res options: init recurs defnam dnsrch
> ;; res_nsend to server default -- Connection timed out
> Is that normal and if so, should it be quicker than 15+ seconds?
> Adam Lang
> Systems Engineer
> Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company

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