Article: Putting The Web In A BIND

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It is important that the security of the local operating environment is also
secure.  There should be an equal concern for the version and installation
method of BIND.  Im thinking many of the BIND implemenations out there (in
which the article is refering to) was implemented by someone who really did
not care to much about making an effort to really secure the system from the
vunerlabilities found in the software and OS, etc..  A good admin makes a
difference, right?  Ive talk to some people who support BIND and did nothing
to the system in order to secure it.  They were just glad they got the thing
up and running! what a laugher!

Good Luck!

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> From this week's Interactive Week:
> The article criticizes BIND for being a major vulnerability source,
> blaming its open source nature and lack of accountability of BIND
> users.
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