Need a DNS monitor, preferably Windows-based

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Mar 18 00:12:25 UTC 2001

         Check out IPSentry ( . It can monitor just about
anything you want and for $99.00 for the basic version, it's an incredible bargain,
particularly as you can specify what queries to make and what to expect or not
expect for responses.  It can page you, send you mail or a bunch of other things.

At 08:37 PM 3/15/01, Ray wrote:
>Is anyone aware of a program that will periodically automatically query a
>DNS server (BIND, in this case) and set off some kind of alert (email,
>pager) if a valid response is not returned?
>I'm not talking about a pinger; rather something that will actually perform
>a lookup and then complain if the server does not respond. We've got several
>Linux BIND servers scattered around and need a better way of noticing
>outages than having users call our Help Desk.

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