I Seem not to be Notifying my Slaves.

Mark.Andrews at nominum.com Mark.Andrews at nominum.com
Mon Mar 19 17:15:06 UTC 2001

	See notify-source.

> 	We have just upgraded our stealth primary and two slaves
> which are our official masters to bind-9.1.1rc3.  Everything
> including local and remote rndc control appears fine and the
> stealth master is giving zone transfers to the two slaves, but
> the stealth master is not sending notifies or at least neither
> slave is receiving them.  Therefore, changes to the stealth
> primary only show up on the slaves when the next Refresh interval
> starts which is sometimes close to an hour later.
> 	The serial numbers are advancing properly so I may have
> the stealth primary configured wrong. I do have the following
> global options set on the unpublished primary:
> 	allow-transfer { slave1; slave2; };
> 	also-notify slave1; slave2;
> 	notify yes;
> 	The documentation says that all servers in the
> also-notify list will be notified so I put both slave addresses
> in since they are our official primary and secondary name
> servers.  I got the impression that the default condition is to
> notify all the name servers in the SOA but the official primary
> or master.  
> 	This should have at least caused slave2 to get notified,
> but neither seem to be receiving anything at all other than
> normal zone transfers when they wake up and check.
> 	On the two slaves, I have notify-source addresses
> pointing to  the stealth primary and, as I said, the zone
> transfers go properly so what else do I need to look at?
> 	It sounds from the documentation that I should be able to
> make the slaves update themselves each time the master gets a new
> serial number in its zone for that domain.
> Martin McCormick
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