8.2.3 crashed on me.

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Mon Mar 19 19:46:38 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Pat" == Pat Masterson <bat at grumman.com> writes:

    Pat> My log has: 
    Pat> Mar 18 15:44:36 iisddc.northgrum.com named[9481]: [ID 295310 daemon.crit] stale: impossible condition 
    Pat> Mar 18 15:44:36 iisddc.northgrum.com last message repeated 1 time

    Pat> ANd there is a 5 meg core file.  What should I do?

File a bug report with bind-bugs at isc.org. It looks like a zoneinfo
struct has been corrupted or else stale() has been passed something
that wasn't a pointer which should have identified a zoneinfo struct.
Or perhaps it could be a compiler bug. Hang on to the core dump
because someone will probably want to look at it. [Don't mail the core
dump with the bug report.] If you can supply a stack backtrace from
the core dump, please submit that. Any relevant background information
-- like recent additions or removals of zone{} statements -- would be
appreciated too.

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