Host modification / Nominet

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Mar 20 13:50:36 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen McShane <omcshane at> writes:

    Owen> I was talking about a host, not a zone.
    Owen> i.e. a DNS server registered with Netsol.

Hostnames live in domains defined by zone files. So when a hostname is
changed, a zone file has to be changed. Whether that's NSI's zone file
or someone else's doesn't matter: the zone has to be changed. If the
hostname is glue, at least two zones may have to be changed: the
actual zone enclosing the hostname and that zone's parent. Changing
glue in will have no impact on any glue that might or might not
exist in .com or any other zone outside the domain for that
matter. Well except possibly for the uk or root domains if your server
is listed in the NS records for or uk zones.

    Owen> The zone that the host belongs to is held by us, so
    Owen> obviously we will update the RR for it as well as asking
    Owen> Netsol to update their host entry.

You will need to repeat that for every other registry/zone where the
old IP address of the renumbered server exists as glue. If the glue
isn't updated, the parent zone will be directing queries to the old IP
address which might not be there any more or not running a name server
for the delegated zone.

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