help wiht classless network and reverse lookups

Bill Dossett postmaster at
Wed Mar 21 02:18:06 UTC 2001


I've been through the archive and I'm a little confused
about classless subnetting and reverse name lookups.
I believe I have my configuration setup correctly, but
from what I have read in the archives, it seems to say
that this should work for my internal network even if
my ISP has not set their reverse zones up as per RFC2317...
So, I am unclear if I have a problem in my configuration or
if my ISP is not setup correctly and my server is referencing
their servers and it isn't working because of that.  The
relevent bits are...

named.conf contains

zone ""{
        type master;
        file "193.243.235";

193.243.235 contains

@    IN SOA (....)
@                       NS
@                       NS
3                       IN      PTR

which I think is correct yet I can't get any reverse info,
in fact when I start nslookup pointed at,
it fails saying it can't find the name of the server.  When
I explicity point it at again and do a host.domain
lookup, it responds fine.... So, is the problem with my ISP
or am I guilty of a typo somewhere (that I haven't been
able to see for 10 hours????)
The only other info I have at the moment is my My log files are telling
me that

named[4278]: Lame server on '' (in
''?): [].53 '' is my ISPs name server....

and then I get a

named[4278]: ns_forw: query( All possible A
RR's lame

and I haven't been able to figure out exactly what these
are trying to tell me.

I'd sure appreciate if someone could clear this up for me as
I can't seem to make any further headway.



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