help wiht classless network and reverse lookups

Peter Anton peter at
Tue Mar 20 19:24:55 UTC 2001

on 3/20/01 9:18 PM, Bill Dossett at postmaster at wrote:
> named.conf contains
> zone ""{
> type master;
> file "193.243.235";
> };
> 193.243.235 contains
> @    IN SOA (....)
> ...
> @                       NS
> @                       NS
> 3                       IN      PTR

Here goes my first attempt at helping someone here... Second if you count
the inadvertent empty message sent a moment ago, for which I now

This may be way off base, as you implied you did not get error messages
during the named startup in the logs.
You also didn't mention which version you are using... But we're using
9.1.1, and I also had some trouble getting the classless delegation to work
as well until...

I realized that the recent versions do not support the range listed as
in the named.conf zone statement.

Instead, try a slash:

zone "0/"{
            type master;
            file "193.243.235";

When I originally used the dash, I did get error messages during named
startups and -HUP's, basically alerting me that the zone did not load

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