Problems with bind-9.1.1rc4

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Mar 20 19:50:25 UTC 2001

    Agustina> Mar 20 10:35:57.595 dns_rdata_fromtext: uncoma.dom:8: near '2000': out of range
    Agustina> Mar 20 10:35:57.625 dns_rdata_fromtext: named.local:3: near '8H': out of range
    Agustina> Mar 20 10:35:57.660 dns_rdata_fromtext: rev.81.210.170:6: near '8H': out of range

Too bad you didn't post the stuff that really mattered: the three
broken zone files. Something at line 8 of the uncoma.dom file is out
of range. Without seeing the file, it's hard to say what that is. The
next two errors suggest you're using the illegal WDHM
(Week/Day/Hour/Minute) notation for TTLs that some versions of BIND8
tolerated. RFC1035 does not allow that notation. Convert those TTLs to
values in seconds and you should be OK. They're at line 3 of the
named.local and line 6 of the rev.81.210.170 zone files.

You could have picked up these errors by running named-checkzone on
the zone files before feeding them to the name server. That's actually
a good habit to adopt whenever the zone files are changed: always
check them before loading them into the server. Similarly, run
named-checkconf on named.conf before making the name server read it.

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