Parse error

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Mar 20 23:35:42 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Kumar" == Kumar AN <af281 at> writes:

    Kumar> I did try and go through the named.conf file but could find
    Kumar> nothing obvious. SO I am pasting the named.conf below as
    Kumar> advised.

No you're not. You're providing a deliberately obscured named.conf
file which has a passing resemblance to what might be on your system.

    Kumar> Also, the domains and IPs have been changed in the
    Kumar> following named.conf but everything else is exactly like it
    Kumar> is in the named.conf which gives me the error

Post the file *AS IS*. Unedited. Not mangled in any way. Since you're
deliberately not providing us with what your name server sees, there
is no point at all in trying to analyse what you've posted. It's not
the same as what's really happening on your system. As soon as you
said that you'd mangled the file I decided not to waste any time
looking at it, Would you show a traffic cop a drawing you've made of
your driving licence instead of the genuine document?

    Kumar> Is it worth going to BIND 9.1.1-rc5 since its not yet a
    Kumar> fully released version unlike 9.1.0 ? Especially since I
    Kumar> have hundreds of domains and this will be the primary ?


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