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> As for '-' vs '/', either is acceptable to ALL versions of
> ALL nameservers from ALL vendors.  '-' will cause less
> problems with buggy resolver libraries than '/' will.

When I use "-" I get problems. Here's our setup. We're using bind 9.1.1rc1
(Eek... I need to upgrade...) We have

named.conf has
  zone "224/" {
    type master;
    file "master.";

master. has
$ORIGIN 224/
$TTL 86400
@       IN      SOA (
                        2001030901      ; serial number
                        10800           ; refresh
                        3600            ; retry
                        604800          ; expire
                        86400 )         ; minimum TTL
                IN      NS
                IN      NS
225             IN      PTR
226             IN      PTR
227             IN      PTR
228             IN      PTR
229             IN      PTR
Experiment 1)
Change named.conf's zone line to
  zone "" {

and master.'s Origin line to

I get no error messages during a -HUP, but the dns returns nothing for any
address except (the dns' address) using both nslookup and dig.

Experiment 2)
On a whim, I try substituting the zone field in named.conf with
    zone "" {
thinking that maybe, the dash replaces a slash regarding subnet masks...
Similarly, change the ORIGIN line in the table to

Again, no error messages are generated during -HUP, and again, only returns data using nslookup and dig.

Experiment 3 - how we leave it configured)
In named.conf
    zone "224/" {
In master.
    $ORIGIN 224/
And everything works.
Admittedly, there are alot of details I'm leaving out.
    The zone references in named.conf are actually in the view section
rather than the zone section.
    I can't tell you much about the configuration our isp has for the
Class C 206.53.3/24, except that they assure me they are following RFC 2317
    I have omitted the rest of the named.conf file, assuming I am giving you
the pertinant sections and that other statements are not coming into play.
    But as far as I can tell, either
        '-' and '/' are not interchangible,
        I'm making a mistake in my usage of '-'

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