help wiht classless network and reverse lookups

Peter Anton peter at
Wed Mar 21 17:29:32 UTC 2001

>>> As for '-' vs '/', either is acceptable to ALL versions of
>>> ALL nameservers from ALL vendors.  '-' will cause less
>>> problems with buggy resolver libraries than '/' will.
>> Really?
> Yes.  I have been setting up classless delegations
> for years.  I have also been a BIND developer/contributer for
> year.  I have also been active in DNS protocol design for year
> including being a active member of the working group when the
> RFC was drafted.

I do know who you are (or at least know the name, having recently read,
among others, RFC2308). I certainly didn't intend to question your
I'm sorry if the tone of my reply implied that.
> You obviously don't fully understand classless
> delegation 

I only aspire to eventually count myself among the truly few who do.

> ... none of your "tests" involved updating the
> data at the ISP.
> When you changed the zone from '-' to '/' you would have come
> into agreement with what your ISP had set up in the "parent"
> zone.  There is nothing magic about '-' or '/'.

Quite true, and there's the rub.

Thanks for the clarification.

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