Dynamic DNS questions

lawrence.a.kravets at us.arthurandersen.com lawrence.a.kravets at us.arthurandersen.com
Wed Mar 21 17:47:38 UTC 2001

I have a few questions concerning dynamic dns. Lets say that I have the
following zone
configured for dynamic dns.


Clients have been updating and making changes to the zone for a few weeks.  So
in /var/named  there is the dynamic.zone.com file and the corresponding temp
dynamic.zone.com.jnl.  Now lets say there is a disaster on my server.  I need to
now restore all my zone data.  I know the static zones will be fine, but what
the dynamic zones.  Do I restore both the dynamic.zone.com and
dynamic.zone.com.jnl files?
Do I only restore the dynamic.zone.com and let the server create
again?  Or do I start over with a basic zone file and let the clients
re-populate the
dns data.  Obviously, I would prefer that I restore I restore both the
and dynamic.zone.com.jnl files and things work as normal (at least to the point
of the
last backup).   What is the most preferable way that works the best?  Anyone
have any



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