Huge also-noify list?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Mar 21 21:41:02 UTC 2001

I'm not sure whether this is or merely a config-file parsing problem,
because of the oversized line, or a size-of-also-notify-list problem
deeper in the code.

To help diagnose this, why don't you try splitting up that oversized
line into many lines?

- Kevin

Archive User wrote:

> I have a bind 8.2.3 dns system that has one master setup and
> 55 slave servers on various networks world wide.
> I also have ~200 zones to attend to.
> As you know.. with a setup this large, adding or
> removing an NS entry from a zone table is a
> painfull process since I need to modify all 200
> zone tables to add in the new NS record and update
> the serial number. I could use an $INCLUDE file that
> had all the NS records in it but, I would still have to
> edit each zone table to increment the serial number which
> is painful:(
> So, I want to just list several main dns servers in each
> zone table (4 or 5) and skip the rest. I was hoping I could
> put the other ones in an also-notify global option in my named.conf
> on the master server but it seems to freak bind out with this
> many entries (50 entries in one huge line).
> Bind will start but it never allows any queries and any attempt
> to control it with ndc hangs. I have to kill the process to
> regain control. As soon as I comment out the also-notify line
> in the named.conf everything works fine again.
> Any ideas? Is there a limit somewhere in the code I am hitting?
> Could I make a modification somewhere in the code to make this
> work?
> Thanks for any help you can offer..
> Mike

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