help wiht classless network and reverse lookups

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Thu Mar 22 01:41:47 UTC 2001

> At 3:30 AM +1100 3/22/01, Mark.Andrews at wrote:
> >  	Yes.  I have been setting up classless delegations
> >  	for years.  I have also been a BIND developer/contributer for
> >  	year.  I have also been active in DNS protocol design for year
> >  	including being a active member of the working group when the
> >  	RFC was drafted.
> 	Come now, Mark.  You've been involved in BIND for far longer than 
> this.  I've been thinking for some time now that the people on this 
> list would benefit from knowing more about your real experience with 
> BIND, and just how long you've been involved in this project. 
> Hopefully, they would then be able to recognize just how lucky they 
> are to have you available and actually publicly answering questions 
> on such a list like this.

	Thanks, I meant years.  ~1992 / BIND 4.9.2 pre alpha
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