no syslog messages

Thomas Duterme thomas at
Thu Mar 22 15:33:50 UTC 2001

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to play with Bind's Logging features, and have noticed something very strange.

It started when I created a couple of scripts for all my nameservers to calculate bandwidth utilization.

On all of my Linux servers, every hour Bind outputs statistics to /var/log/messages.  I believe this is the default behavior for Bind 8.  (all my servers run Bind 8.2.3)

My only FreeBSD server which has the same kind of configuration as the other secondary servers, doesn't have anything in /var/log/messages.  When I reload my nameserver, messages are appended to /var/log/messages.  Does anyone have any idea what's happening?  Is it possible that bind would be placing the hourly stats elsewhere?  Is it possible that Bind is not outputing stats on the hour?


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