Help required

himanshu himanshu at
Thu Mar 22 07:40:12 UTC 2001

Hi Mark ...

Thanks for reply.

I will try upgrading the version of DNS. However I ams ure Addresses are 
entered correctly. This was working for almost last 3 months, ans suddenly 
stopped working since last couple of days.
Thanks and Regards

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>	First of all which bind 9 version?  BIND 9.1.1rc5 is the
>	recommended version.  Secondly you most probably have a
>	wrong address in transfer-source.
>	Mark
>> I am facing zone transfer problem with DNS. I am using the BIND 9 pn 
my >> server. The error message shown on secondary DNS server is as below
>> Mar 21 18:25:01 <hostname> named[26918]: transfer of '' 
from >> <ip address of master DNS>#53: setting up socket: address not 
availableMar 21>>  18:25:01 <hostname> named[26918]: transfer of '' from 
>> <ip address of master DNS>#53: end of transferMar 21 18:25:01 
<hostname> name>> d[26918]: transfer of '' from 
>> <ip address of master DNS>#53: zone transfer setup failed
>> All other zones files which were successfully transfered earlier are 
>> also giving problems to transfer updates.
>> Please help.
>> Thanks and Regards
>> Himanshu
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