Huge also-notify list?

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Thu Mar 22 08:07:57 UTC 2001

>I'm not sure whether this is or merely a config-file parsing problem,
>because of the oversized line, or a size-of-also-notify-list problem
>deeper in the code.

>To help diagnose this, why don't you try splitting up that oversized
>line into many lines?

I went back and broke up that one huge line up into a dozen or 
so. Unfortunatly it resulted in the same effect. Seems if you have a huge
also-notify list bind freaks out. I am going to assume this is a code bug
at this point. Who can I report it to? Any one have any suggestions to 
fix it? I have to add some new dns servers next week (new office opening
up) and I am not looking forward to editing all these files:( Any Bind 
code hackers out there? Running 8.2.3 BTW

Thanks for any help you can offer.. Mike

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