question on retry and notifications in v8.2.3

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 22 15:20:41 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Duterme <thomas at> writes:

    Thomas> Why are SIGHUPs *bad* as a way to restarting named?

Because it's crude. If all that's changed is one zone, why reload (not
restart BTW) the whole server? And maybe you shouldn't have to be the
UID running the name server to manage it? With ndc and rndc, that's
possible. It's not if you send signals. Also, the signals used for
"controlling" the name server have changed from time to time. And in
BIND9, most signals that get sent to the server will make it
terminate. So getting into the habit of using a proper control tool
that doesn't use signals to talk to the name server is a good idea.

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